Delivering shareholder value via a dual-track transaction process


Client name

CabotLondon, Kent, UK

Length of EA assignment

16 months

Number of EA Consultants provisioned



Two US-based PE firms sought to IPO a UK-based Credit Management Group, Cabot.

We were selected to work alongside Lazard Financial Advisors, Goldman Sachs and Numis Securities to support the client and its management team through the complex and protracted process of floatation, by acting as a bridge between the banks, the advisors and the business.

Late in the IPO process, shareholders expressed a desire to assess viable trade sale buyers. As a result a dual-track programme was mobilised, and our team was responsible for supporting and readying the business for either outcome.


We provided the capabilities, experience and understanding vital to successfully execute against the plan.

Our team worked to establish the true critical path and ensured the business and external parties were ready and available to meet the demands of such a programme.

Provision of data rooms, detailed governance – with a light touch where necessary – and a defined ‘product-based’ set of deliverables were captured, along with key internal and external dependencies and a robust timeline.

Our team made sure that the right conversations happened at the right time, and leveraged the governance and controls they’d designed to ensure the appropriate mitigation of risk throughout.




Trade sale conclusionEnsured both Private Equity Shareholders secured suitable value from the outcome

Support and data provisionEnabled Management team to be in better control of the business

Investment£2.6bn invested in over £26.5bn of loan portfolios (as of Dec, 18)

Customers8 million customer accounts under management (as of Dec, 18)

Selected Projects


0.1 Transformation

Pursuing a US listing for a UK Fintech

Unpicking a 10 year old ‘start-up’ and readying the finance function for a potential US listing required specialist expertise, intense focus, and a collaborative work-ethic. Our client, Worldremit, selected EA to help prepare for a potential future event.


0.2 Transformation

Moving the Digital conversation forward

Our client, Planet, a high growth, acquisitive, PE backed tax free business sought to position itself more centrally into the payments space. This strategy required a more digitally enabled business and one which held data at the core.
To drive momentum and help translate the” PowerPoint vision” into a cogent, prioritised plan and business case. EA were selected to help support.