Developing a client's growth strategy


GC Partners (GCP) is a successful Payments/Forex business that has historically been driven by its P&L. After c. 20 years, it became clearer to the Exec that the back-office operation and underlying culture was continuing to create far too many blockers to growth. Resistance to change existed at multiple levels due to ingrained ways of working. Something had to change.


EA focussed the initial work-package on assessing the businesses readiness for change, in addition to developing the story board and modelling the overall objectives. We then swiftly moved into capturing the business priorities, including those we proposed, and then we set about evaluating the agenda ahead of Executive decisions on a roadmap of work.


EA assessed that 7 high priority areas required intense focus in order that the business be better equipped to expedite its growth ambitions.

We sought Executive buy-in to the growth priorities and we established a governance framework best suited to driving accountability and delivery.

A Programme of work was established, resources allocated and the business was increasingly better placed to deliver it’s ambitions.

The follow on phase of our engagement saw EA support the business in 4 key areas, Org-Design, Payment Optimisation, New Payment Platform, and the overall Programme Management activities.