It's a new day, it's a new Dayforce!

Ceridian becomes Dayforce


1st Feb 2024

Today marks a major milestone in Dayforce’s history with the launch of the new brand, including the renaming of Ceridian to Dayforce – fusing product and organisation 12 years after the acquisition of Dayforce.

Ahead of the launch it was a privilege to represent EA’s HR Tech practice by attending last week’s annual Sales Kick-Off Conference in Orlando.

For the first time Partners were invited to attend. Our inclusion reflects Dayforce’s commitment to grow and mature its Partner ecosystem, a key enabler for its growth agenda.

As a Dayforce Partner, it was invaluable to have a seat at the table and build shared plans for the year ahead. It was refreshing to observe an open, transparent dialogue between all parties.

Beyond the planning and networking, the event was an opportunity to lift the bonnet on product developments.

The numerous product sessions demonstrated Dayforce’s focus on being a world leader in Workforce Management, HCM and Payroll solutions. Understanding their roadmap is hugely beneficial as we seek to help our clients evaluate ‘best fit’ solutions.

Specific highlights include

  1. Learning – the recent acquisition of Eloomi provides an opportunity to improve the learning experience
  2. Work Force Management – series of improvements including helping customers address the complexities of the gig economy or as Dayforce call it the “boundless workforce”
  3. Payroll – the launch of the new native German payroll product, provides further evidence of their reputation as a leading global payroll provider
  4. HCM – enhancements in the Talent Market Place and Talent Intelligence, provide greater functionality and experience to the employee
  5. Admin–leveraging AI to reduce the admin burden on over-stretched HR teams with the use of co-pilot
" The launch of the new brand reflects Dayforce’s commitment to be a global leader in the WFM, HCM and Payroll market. The planned product innovation and growth in the partner network is building a strong platform to grow and scale. EA HR Tech and Change Partner, Julian Thornley

The focus on improving the employee experience, managing complex working patterns and using tech to streamline administration, align to some of the priorities that we at EA are hearing from our clients.

The new brand reflects the focus of Dayforce to innovate and grow in the market. It promises to be an exciting time for Daymakers, Partners and our collective Customers.