It's not often that we get to talk about ourselves

Allow us a moment.


As we reflect, we’re reminded that 2023 was a pivotal year at EA.

Some highlights are noted below:

  1. We re-launched the brand in Oct 23. Realising there was equity value in our 10-year history, we opted for a revisionist strategy vs net new. Visit our new site here
  2. Being custodians of clients available change capital is a huge responsibility, it’s something we don’t ever take for granted. It’s been a privilege for our consultants to deliver value at numerous clients in year
  3. Giving back is a real focus for our board, being in a position to support our friends at Global with c. £25,000 donated to their causes, our chosen charity for 23, benefits so many who need it most
  4. We’ve appointed an entirely new Advisory Board, handpicked for their remarkable track records, each able to support management with the businesses 3YP and growth agenda
  5. Our HR Tech/Change and Portfolio practices have signed strategic deals with a number of partners, notably Ceridian and Oracle. Our clients expect us to offer leverage through our network and these partnerships enable that outcome
  6. Our business delivered a >27% top line revenue uplift vs 2022, a fantastic achievement, supported by our talented and experienced group of consultants, and underpinned by several long term FTSE 100 or Nasdaq listed enterprise clients


We’re not intending to get complacent… 

" Historically, EA has been a very discreet business, opting to allow our work to do the talking. I want to retain that behaviour, but recognise that now is our time to take a little limelight. Our 3 year plan is now set and remains a huge focus for us as we look forward to 24. Warren Kwei, Senior Managing Partner

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