Measure twice, cut once


The carpentry proverb “measure twice, cut once” provides an important perspective to organisations considering investing in new technology.

The prospect of implementing a new solution offers seemingly limitless opportunities. It’s therefore essential to take time at the start to ensure you’re set on the right path to maximise the investment.

Cutting corners in these early stages, can lead to organisations paying for it twice (or likely more) later down the line.

It doesn’t have to be this way. EA advises clients on a 6-stage approach. The method ensures appropriate consideration is applied when evaluating options.

The EA method covers 6 core stages

  1. Strategy & Vision – build consensus on what the opportunity or problem is, this sets the tone for the rest of the change
  2. Requirements – through design thinking, underpin the strategy with principles and user stories to bring to life the change to set the frame to search for a supplier
  3. Market Analysis – trawl the external environment to identify the options. This exploratory stage is the opportunity to challenge the tried and tested against radical options
  4. Request for Proposal – with a short-list of suppliers, run the selection process using objective data driven criteria
  5. Planning – with a selected supplier, firm up solution scope and phasing. Undertake detailed planning to increase confidence in the change
  6. Business case – the culmination of steps 1-5, build out the cost benefit analysis and lobby stakeholders to challenge and buy-in to the investment

On paper all these steps make sense

The challenge organisations face is taking sufficient time to protect the future delivery. Taking short cuts does not immediately come to light in glossy PowerPoint decks. They appear as major issues later in delivery.

Exemplar organisations invest time up front in the early stages to control and manage outcomes when the stakes are lower. This pays dividends and paves the way for success later down the line.

Selected Projects


0.1 Technology

Rapid implementation of a global retailer’s HR system

Our client, Boden, a global online fashion retailer with c1.7m customers, £350m+ revenues and over 1,300 staff. They wanted to consolidate disparate HR & Payroll systems into a scalable, future-proof and integrated cloud solution. Following a thorough procurement process, they selected Workday as their preferred platform solution and EA to help deliver the programme.


0.2 Technology

Comprehensive RFP results in agreement to select chosen supplier

Our client, Whitbread, a FTSE 100 PLC, had a requirement to move to a new single people platform to manage its workforce across locations in UK and Europe. Existing solutions were multiple, end or nearing end of life, with a heavy reliance on manual processes that inhibited growth.


0.3 Transformation

Moving the Digital conversation forward

Our client, Planet, a high growth, acquisitive, PE backed tax free business sought to position itself more centrally into the payments space. This strategy required a more digitally enabled business and one which held data at the core.
To drive momentum and help translate the” PowerPoint vision” into a cogent, prioritised plan and business case. EA were selected to help support.